بالصور في ظاهره فريده من نوعها اكبر ناخبه في مصر 112 سنه

اكبر ناخبه في مصر في ظاهره فريده من نوعها تقدمت سيده تدعي فاطمه فاطمه عمر عيسي قضيب للانتخاب والتي تعد اكبر ناخبه في مصر حيث تجاوز عمرها 112 سنه

بالصور Labtop Bag حزمة اللاب توب للحفاظ عليه من اي شئ

laptop bag : هي عباره عن حزمة من اللابتوب ومن اضخم الشركات لهذه الخدمة laptop bag

Lin and Leo are best known for their baby-change bags for yummy mummies, but they make some wonderful accessories for yummy freelancers, bloggers and other internet dwellers too, with some great bags to transport your laptop in style. So many laptop bags - even the designer ones - are essentially just sleeves with logos on them, which really isn't good enough at all! Our laptops are some of our most treasured possessions, and damage to these digital portals causes damage to our very livelihoods. There's no point buying a sleek, top-of-the range notebook only to carry it around in a bag that wasn't designed for the purpose. So I think it's worth investing in a good quality laptop bag, and when they look this pretty too, who could resist
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